Yoga Classes

My classes are heartfelt and intuitive bringing playfulness and personal exploration for both body and mind.

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Discovering the hidden possibilities of our intelligent bodies, and figuring out why and how the impossible can become possible, we help our mind to create new pathways, aiming at new perception and serenity.

I offer Hatha Yoga to a public, private and corporate ambience.

You can experience classes in a form of dynamic, alignment focused, strengthening, still and restorative, depending on the needs and the focus of each class.

If you have just started your journey in Yoga and you have any physical problem or condition, I will be very happy to have a talk with you before you start the class or after, just send me an email or give me a phone call.

You can experience Private and Corporate Yoga wherever it is comfortable for you, at your premises, outdoors, in a Yoga studio or wherever you feel comfortable.

The Benefits

  • Become stronger and flexible
  • Find joy in your movement
  • Feel balance and inner peace
  • Look deeper into your-self
  • Improve skeletal and muscular function
  • Improve the function of the vital organs
  • Become aware of your body needs
  • Improve focus and inner will
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