Private Classes

Cultivating a deeper connection with certain areas of the path.

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Private classes are a great opportunity for you to work in a session which is designed according to your specific needs and goals. Private classes will help you build a strong foundation of practice, practice more safely, reduce pain and ultimately they will guide you to a better understanding of the practice of yoga.

I also provide you with nutritional guidance and personal coaching, supporting you in a holistic approach and wellbeing, if you need it.

Ideal for people that

  • have never experienced Yoga before.
  • need one-to-one guidance.
  • don’t feel ready to meet the class, yet.
  • need a holistic approach for their physical and mental wellbeing
  • want to deepen your practice ( asanas, transitions, pranayama)
  • need some relaxing and silent time for themselves.
  • work on specific issues (like injuries, tight hips, back pain, digestive disorders, etc.)
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