Corporate Yoga

I offer corporate yoga in regular and private classes. Are you willing to bring your team in comfortable surroundings away from the normal workplace in order to strengthen your relationships and creativity?

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I organize corporate trips and retreats for boosting the team spirit in a playful, relaxing and mindful setting.

I offer a personalized program tailored to your specific needs whether you are a large corporation or a small business group, helping your team reduce stress and tension while improving energy, productivity, motivation, and overall performance.

Yoga for corporations can increase productivity and creativity at work, help with stress management and better concentration, improve physical health and reduce work-related injuries, boost the feeling of team work, and make you feel the benefits of Yoga during your busy schedule.

Please contact me for a personalized program and offers.

The Benefits

  • Increase productivity and creativity at work
  • Improve physical health and reduce work-related injuries
  • Boost the feeling of team work
  • Feel the benefits of Yoga during your busy schedule
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