Let your journey begin

My Approach

Discovering the limits of both body and mind, we can become aware and see that reality is much more than this offered to us by our thoughts and emotions. By moving the body we also move the mind and by finding a creative and joyful way connect with it, we see that nothing seems impossible until we find the way to do it in our own way.

My approach in Yoga is not about learning who you are, but determining the nature of who you want to be, changing the fundamental ingredients which made you who you are.

Everyday is a gift.

Feel the sunrise on a silent sky, welcome the light through which we all shine and live, through which we all feel and breathe, under the same sky.

The Practice

Together we will experience a progressive entrenched practice of Hatha Yoga, inspired also by Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar yoga and the healing benefits of Thai Yoga massage.
The above will be achieved by giving emphasis on merging body and mind through body fluidity, breathing awareness, meditation, music and mindfulness in touch. You are going to merge your warrior spirit with the softness and kindness of your heart, awakening your natural instincts in a mindful and pleasant approach.



My Journey With You

My joy in this journey is the creation of a space especially for you, encouraging and inspiring you to cultivate your own intuition. I am going to reclaim the pathways which will help you step into your own power and unfold the most honorable and authentic version of yourselves. This will be achieved by cultivating awareness of body and mind not only on the mat but also when we roll it back, meeting the world outside of the class.

There is so much love to experience inside and there is no right time for that. We only have the present moment to experience that love.