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Thai Yoga Training

It is a path which transforms my life and so many other people’s lives, too.

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The Training

Serving love and care through the beauty of this ancient practice helps us remember and return to the true essence of our being, a way to unfold and find happiness within the simple things of life, which can help us understand that love is what is bonding us together as a human race, living in a world that can be seen as the most beautiful place to grow and exist in. With Thai Yoga we find our own ways to come back where we feel like home, allowing our lungs to breath peacefully again with the healing melody of our heartbeat.

Thai yoga massage as a meditative choreography of techniques for both body and mind guides us to a silent and peaceful place where breathing and body awareness can meet and merge together and our active and passive nature can be neutralized trough an intension of love and care. This way we cultivate the simplicity and the beauty of our inner abilities to heal and be healed.

This course is a great opportunity for Yoga Teachers and practitioners, massage therapists and people who would like to deepen their understanding, realize the importance of mindfulness in touch and experience the endless joy of giving and receiving and taking care. Participating in it will learn them how to walk slowly and consciously towards the path of a mindful living.


Beginner Courses

Convenient Learning Paths

  • 10 days full time
  • 2 modules Full time (5 days each module)
  • 4x Weekends, part-time (module 1 & module 2)
  • One-one private intense trainings
Advanced Courses

To participate in an advanced course you must first complete a basic course of Thai Yoga Massage

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What We Will Explore Together

Introduction to the Art of Touch

In this basic course we will explore the qualities and possibilities of touch by working gently on different ways of approaching the body such as thumbing, forearms, perfect fit, and right pressure depending on the area of the body we choose to work. By applying softness with our hands working on the energy lines of the body and exploring the possibilities and the limitations of body and mind we are going to learn how to act less and achieve more.

Beginners course

History and origins of Thai Yoga massage

The importance of mindfulness in touch

Basic principles:

  • Listening to the body needs
  • Full body participation
  • The law of gravity
  • Comfortable body posture
  • Right pressure
  • Fluidity in our body and principles of rhythm.
  • Perfect fit
  • Silence trough movement
  • Importance of breathing
  • Enjoying stillness in motion
  • Fullness of our touch
  • Different parts of the body we can use and how
  • Theory and practice of energy lines
  • The simplicity and the importance of sharing and carrying.

Studio Training

If you want to bring the practice of Thai Yoga Massage to your studio, place or retreat center I will be really delighted to contact with you.
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