My Journey

The Beginning

Spiros Aspiotis was born in Corfu, one of the Ionian islands of Greece. From an early age he was introduced to Nutrition, Arts, Dancing and Music. He found his passion and spirit in Martial Arts, training in different forms and methods of body movement.
His artistic nature had led him to complete his academic studies in Architecture, with a special research interest on how space, sound, movement, form and structure affect the five senses through psychology.

The Journey Continues

In 2013, in order to enrich and explore the dynamics of body, mind and spirit of our human nature, he decided to introduce himself to the ancient practices and philosophies of the East. Thailand was the first destination of his healing journey, where he stayed for a long period of time, taught by unique teachers and discovering deeper dimensions and applications of inner healing and self-development. The embodiment of all these teachings and experiences inspired him to do further research on these fields, that is Yoga, Thai yoga massage, sound, natural detoxification and rejuvenation practices and methods aiming at inner balance and well-being.

He specialized in the traditional art of Thai Yoga massage, Chi Nei Tsang (The Taoist practice of visceral coordination and detoxification), natural ways of detoxification and rejuvenation of the vital organs and the gastrointestinal system, through nutrition, natural herbs and physical practices of Yoga asanas, breathing techniques and meditation.

He participated in courses of Craniosacral Therapy, Dynamic massage and Osteothai (osteopathic application in Thai Yoga Massage) in order to deepen his practice and enrich his understanding of the body and mind healing mechanisms through the power of touch and body movement.

During his work as a holistic therapist, life brought him to the beautiful community of Sunshine House in Greece, having Krishnatakis as a great teacher granting inspiration , dedication and spirit from his warm heart. There, he was assisting in basic and advanced courses of Thai Yoga Massage and during this time he developed and enriched his knowledge and methodology of his own approach, sharing the essence and the importance of this practice to his forthcoming retreats and workshops around the world.

After his travel to India completing the teacher training in Hatha Yoga, Vedanta philosophy and Ayurveda in the school of Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham, he ultimately found his devotion and the path of life.

Through the path of Yoga he re-discovered his love and passion for sound and music through the Bhakti spirit. Sound as a clear expression of his playful spirit and open heart, becomes a part of his healing journey and teaching.

Spiros today is a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga, member of Thai Healing Alliance International and his love and devotion for these ancient holistic practices and methods of inner serenity, guide him to share his passion and experience in the form of retreats, classes, workshops, and individual sessions around the world.

Magic is something you create your self

Let your journey begin

Our life is our own creation.

Our own dream can come true. By finding meaningful ways for harmonious relationships within ourselves and the world in the first place, we can then inspire and serve others, too. Offering our gifts from an authentic version of us is so necessary in our days. When reflecting on the magnificence of our own true nature, we can inspire (and guide) the next generations that are about to live and serve humanity.

We fall in love by chance, we stay in love by choice.

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